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What just happened to that #YearOfLearning?

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Never stop learning, because life never stops teaching

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We guess you’re probably reeling too over the events and changes of this last week.

Maybe you’re grappling with the tech to keep working from home. Or taking in the harsh reality of sudden unemployment. Many are learning a whole new education support role to add to the job of being a parent; or getting up to speed on the basics of caring for someone who’s really unwell.

Or maybe you’re in an essential services job, and have never been busier (unlikely even to be reading this). Actually, let’s pause here for a moment and say thanks to all those medicos, food retailers, lab technicians, police, teachers (the list goes on…) whose expertise and hard work keep things running for all of us.

So, as they say, we’re all in this together and one thing is certain: there will be many lessons to learn.

Shmruthi enthusiastically holding her fabric block print
Shmruthi shares her experiences on Instagram @brazenlybrown

If your 2020 started out – as it did for our student, Shmruthi – as a #YearOfLearning – you could be wondering how it all went so pear-shaped. Shmruthi, a self-described “creatively challenged” person set out to fill her year with learning experiences. “No need to come first in class,” she says, “no need to even be good”. Just to step away from the long hours of a busy job to find other ways to grow.

So in the first couple of months she crammed in (thanks to a gold membership with Sydney Community College) our Sewing Essentials Course, pattern making, veggie gardening, starting a fashion label and fabric block printing.

And there are many more stories of learning experiences our students have had already in the first quarter of this year. But in the months to come, the learning will look very different.

This COVID-19 experience will bring many hard lessons, but also many opportunities to learn. We will learn more about what we value most; we’ll come away with new skills as we adapt to fill the gaps. And for some, with more time on our hands, this will be a great opportunity to engage in everything from YouTube instructional quickies to formal qualifications delivered online.

Sydney Community College – a longstanding provider of face to face social learning experiences, is now working hard to adapt some of our popular courses to a live online delivery. As a small team of in-class delivery experts, we’ll certainly have a learning curve of our own. Watch this space…

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